The objective for which Federation of Kerala Hotels Association is established are :

  • To strive for the promotion and protection by lawful means, the interest of the Hotel industry and its members.

  • To bring up the concerns/issues/grievances of its members for the efficient and smooth conduct of their business before the govt authorities and obtain favourable solutions.

  • To consider, take up and discuss issues/govt policies of state/ central governments and matters of regional/national importance affecting the industry and also to obtain the needy benefits including subsidies from the state and central governments.

  • To resolve the disputes among the members and also between the members and customers/employees amicably.

  • To initiate various activities designed to bring about improvement in the performance of the industry by initiating the desired training/R&D/Human Resource Development/ Quality & productivity Institutes and Publications/Visual media channels.

  • To act as an agent of its members.

  • To lias between likeminded bodies/associations within and outside Kerala and to obtain affiliations with them.

  • To obtain Loans/donations/other facilities from Govt and other financial institutions/banks/its members for carrying out the objectives of the federation.

  • To acquire moveable/immovable assets in the name of the federation and to sell/pledge/mortgage them on need and to take effective steps for the protection of those assets in order to attain the objectives of the federation.

  • To provide financial assistance/donations for deserving Associations/individuals /its members for achieving the proclaimed objective of the federation.

  • To work for the promotion of Tourism industry by participating in various committees of the govt as well as other socio Economic Forums.